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Employment Opportunities

For Christian Science nurses who would like to experience working at Tallwood House

New Opportunity: 2- to 4-week trial Christian Science nursing position

Tallwood House is a loving home for independent-living Christian Scientists. Residents live in a family setting, committed to practicing Christian Science.

We would love to have you experience living and working with us here in Concord, New Hampshire. To find out more, please email or call: or Pollyann at 603-858-6696.

Are you considering becoming a Christian Science nurse?

Christian Science Nurses

We are ready to welcome Christian Science nurses of all levels for full or part-time employment. We welcome any individual interested in Christian Science nursing, even if there is little experience in one’s background. Appreciating one’s desire to serve, we will provide basic training at Tallwood House and support more formal education at any of the training programs for Christian Science nursing. If you are hearing that “still, small voice” inviting you to serve, please call Pollyann at 603.858.6696.

For more details or to apply for any position, please call Pollyann at 603.858.6696.
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